About Acrylic

Acrylic is a useful, clear plastic that resembles glass, but has properties that make it superior to glass in many ways. Common brands of high-grade acrylic include Polycast, Lucite and Plexiglass. There are two basic types of acrylic: extruded and cell cast. Extruded or "continuous cast" acrylic is made by a less expensive process, is softer, can scratch easier and may contain impurities.

Cell cast acrylic is a higher quality acrylic and U.S. domestic cell cast is a good choice for applications that require the best. Imported cell cast acrylic is often manufactured to lesser standards.

Product Features

Excellent transparency: Colorless, transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmission rate of 92%.

Excellent weather resistance: Adaptable to the natural environment, even a long time in sunlight, wind and rain will not change its properties, anti-aging properties, can be safe to use in outdoor.

Processability good: Of suitable mechanical processing and easily thermal molded, acrylic can be dyed, the surface can be painting, silk screen printed or vacuum coating.

Excellent overall performance: Acrylic variety, colorful, and extremely excellent overall performance, providing designers with a variety of options, acrylic sheet can be dyed, the surface can be spray paint, screen printing or vacuum coating.

Nontoxic even with the long-term exposure of people are harmless, there are combustion of gas does not produce toxic gases.


Plexiglass (acrylic) with a high degree of transparency, light transmission rate of 92%, the "plastic crystal" reputation. And have excellent weather resistance, especially applied to outdoor, ranking the highest in other plastics, and both a good surface hardness and gloss, processing plasticity, plexiglass (acrylic) is a major development earlier thermoplastic it is  easy to stain, easy processing, beautiful appearance, can be made of the required shape and products.

Acrylic Shoes Display AD-013   Acrylic Mobile Display MD-001   Acrylic Photo Frame PF-22   Acrylic Tissue Box TB-16   Acrylic Vase V-007

Product Description

High transparency, being 92%, like crystal, enjoying the fame of "queen of Plastics" excellent weather resistance High hardness and luster of surface Good process ability, suitable for mechanical processing and easily thermal molded Resistant to chemical corrosion, suitable for surface ornament such as spray painting and screen printing and vacuum filming Acrylic sheet can be dyed and has different surface luster and decorative patterns

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Acrylic Advantages

Basic store fittings will need to have a shelf life of at least a year – preferably more. Read more...

Optical Clarity
This quality makes acrylic suitable for all kinds of cases and stands.

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